Fox Pulls Family Guy Episode After It Appears In Mashup With Boston Bombings Footage

(Screencap courtesy of: YouTube)

Fox has taken down Family Guy‘s Boston-Marathon themed episode after a mashup video of the episode-with the real Boston Bombing footage- went viral.

The YouTube clip is edited to make it look like character Peter Griffin is triggering the bombs at the Boston Marathon with his cell phone. The actual episode has a bombing on a bridge, but is in another scene. The Family Guy character is also shown driving in the marathon, mowing down runners in his car.

The episode, which aired March 17th, was taken off of the Fox website and yesterday, a day after bombings at the Boston Marathon killed 3 and injured 176 people.

A voiceover in the clip also suggests that the episode predicted the horrific events, and there may be a conspiracy behind the scenes.

Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, expressed his outrage at the edited clip, calling it “abhorrent” and offered condolences to the Boston victims, via his Twitter account.

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