Here’s Five Of Our Favourite Videos From ‘Ozzy Man Reviews’

A Youtube channel by the name of Ozzy Man Reviews has proven, once again, that nobody is funnier than Australians. Whether it be his quick wit or his not-so-subtle use of profanity, Ozzy Man Reviews has blown up all over the Internet and brought gut-bursting laughs to many.

The channel has been around since April of 2014, and provides hilarious commentary on videos ranging from wildlife to sports to miscellaneous viral videos. With over 1 million followers, Ozzy Man Reviews continues to be one most shared channels on social media.

Here’s 5 of our favourite videos from our friend down under:

Being mean to kids is cruel, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny…

Ozzy Man Reviews’ description of kids having their dreams shattered by cruel adults will certainly make your day. Who knew adults being dicks to kids could be so funny?

It seems the monkey doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Ozzy Man Reviews’ commentary of animals turns the wild into a wild night out. Thank goodness people aren’t like this… are we?

Just when you thought diving fails couldn’t be any funnier…

The only thing that makes diving fails funnier is an Australian describing a frame-by-frame shot of what’s happening. Perhaps the Olympics would receive more views if Ozzy Man Reviews acted as the commentator.

Attack of the goats…

Watching this goat single handedly take over a town is funny enough on its own. But Ozzy Man Reviews’ comments turn a chuckle into an uproar.

When even the most unfunny situations become funny…

This video of the Wagha border ceremony is not funny on its own. What makes this video hilarious is Ozzy Man’s clever notes that could make the Queen’s guard even laugh.

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