Hey Girl: Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Understand How He Became A Meme

Hey Girl: Ryan Gosling Doesn't Understand How He Became A Meme

After years of starring in some of our favourite memes, Ryan Gosling is speaking out about his presence in hilarious Internet culture.

For those who’ve been sleeping… Gosling’s face has been popping up all over the Internet alongside the seemingly harmless expression “Hey girl” for years. The problem? Gosling has never actually uttered the phrase… ever. At least that’s what he reminded Variety on Wednesday.

“I’ve never said that,” said Gosling.

In fact, he doesn’t have a clue how the whole “Hey girl” thing got started. “Do you remember when Fabio got hit in the face with a pigeon on the roller coaster and it broke his nose?” Gosling explained. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the pigeon and the internet is Fabio’s face. Actually, I don’t know if I’m the pigeon or I’m Fabio’s face. Depends on the day, I guess.”

But don’t worry, the actor isn’t mad about the non-stop memes, he’s just a little perplexed. “I’m confused,” he told Variety. “By how confident I was. That level of confidence was unearned.”

Even Emma Stone, who has appeared in three different flicks with Gosling, doesn’t get the whole “Hey girl” Internet craze. “I don’t even understand. I mean, you’re great but why have you become this — why? Do you at least get paychecks on your coloring book?”

He doesn’t, BTW.

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