Here are the Highest-Paid Celebrities of 2017

Above: Sean Combs tops this year's Forbes list

Every year, Forbes drops their extensive list of “Highest-Paid Celebrities” and we’re all reminded of just how much Judge Judy is still making. Seriously, have you seen her numbers? The lady is absolutely crushing it. Aside from this aforementioned bombshell, the complete list of 100 entertainers is a fascinating look at Hollywood elite, and allows for plenty of water cooler talk for the next few days at the office. If you may recall, last year’s entry was topped by Taylor Swift, One Direction, and James Patterson: the 70-year-old author of your parents’ favourite novels.

Today, we were gifted Forbes’ 2017 edition of the lengthy piece, and while it lacks some true surprises, it does indicate the shifting landscape of the world of music, movies, and television. While certain mainstays still dominate the industry’s upper echelon, there are a steady sprinkling of new school icons and even a few Canadians to boot. While T-Swift took home the most moola in 2016, this year’s list is owned by hip-hop mogul, Sean Combs, who managed to make $130 million. The Bad Boy figurehead made most of his dough through alcohol sales and concert tours, as well as selling his stake in eponymous apparel line, Sean John.

Along with Diddy, global superstar Beyonce slots into the second spot and surprises absolutely no one in the process. Meanwhile, British scribe, J.K. Rowling, certainly wasn’t kidding around this year. She places third with an estimated $95 million in annual earnings. You can check out the top ten highest-paid celebrities below, which includes appearances by Canadian superstars Drake and The Weeknd. For the entire batch of 100 features, pay a visit to Forbes’ official website.

  1. Sean Combs – $130 million
  2. Beyonce – $105 million
  3. J.K. Rowling – $95 million
  4. Drake – $94 million
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo – $93 million
  6. The Weeknd – $92 million
  7. Howard Stern – $90 million
  8. Coldplay – $88 million
  9. James Patterson – $87 million
  10. Lebron James – $86 million

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