Here are the Highest-Paid Musicians of 2016

Above: Taylor Swift tops Forbes' annual list of richest artists
Above: Taylor Swift tops Forbes' annual list of richest artists

While her smash hit album, 1989, came out more than two years ago, Taylor Swift is still dominating the music industry. The 26-year-old singer topped Forbes’ annual list of the year’s highest-paid musicians, beating out other juggernauts like rival, Katy Perry, and legendary pop icon, Madonna. The top of list is notably occupied by women, with many of the slots owned by solo female acts. This trend continues from last year, as the aforementioned Perry, claimed the number one spot back in 2015. Absent from the top of the list, is Beyonce, whose latest tour wasn’t factored into consideration. Forbes analyzed income before Bey kicked off her massive worldwide trek earlier this year. The star would have likely jumped up from her 17 spot, which she currently occupies.

An interesting ranking, is that of British boy band, One Direction. The former X Factor product, clawed their way to runners up, and likely for one last time, as the group is currently on a definite hiatus. Speaking of brits, Adele comes in at number three, after releasing her titanic and much-anticipated album, 25, in November of last year. The record has since been certified diamond, a seemingly impossible feat in this digital age. For an extensive list of the highest-paid musicians of 2016, follow us after the jump. To see what gave them the dough, check out Forbes’ official announcement via their website.

30. Drake – $38.5 million
29. Jennifer Lopez – $39.5 million
28. Mumford & Sons – $40 million
27. Jimmy Buffett – $40.5 million
25. Katy Perry – $41 million, tie
25. Dr. Dre – $41 million, tie
24. Elton John – $42 million
23. Bigbang – $44 million
22. Toby Keith – $47.5 million
21. Foo Fighters – $48.5 million
20. Muse – $49 million
19. Luke Bryan – $53 million
18. Jay Z – $53.5 million
17. Beyonce – $54 million
14. The Weeknd – $55 million, tie
14. U2 – $55 million, tie
13. Kenny Chesney – $56 million, tie
13. Justin Bieber – $56 million, tie
12. Paul McCartney – $56.5 million
11. Bruce Springsteen – $60.5 million
10. Diddy – $62 million
9. Calvin Harris – $63 million
8. Rolling Stones – $66.5 million
7. AC/DC – $67 million
6. Garth Brooks – $70 million
5. Rihanna – $75 million
4. Madonna – $76.5 million
3. Adele – $80.5 million
2. One Direction – $110 million
1. Taylor Swift – $170 million

Aidan D'Aoust

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