In A Plane Crash? Selfie Time!

Ferdinand Puentes captures this photo of himself as his plane sinks behind him

So who wants evidence that the seemingly vapid pastimes of modern people are actually worthwhile and contribute to history’s record of humanity’s wondrous experiences? Because we’ve got it.

On December 11, 2013 a 2002 Grand Cessna Caravan air-plane crashed into the ocean off the Coast of Hawaii. The passengers stayed calm as they filed out of the fuselage filling with saltwater. Clinging to their buoyant seats as the plane sank, all but one passenger survived.

Another passenger, Hawaiian born Ferdinand Puentes, strapped on his GoPro and started filming. One shot of his spontaneous coverage of the event is the selfie that should win the internet. It’s the picture above: a ball-capped Ferdinand floating stranded in the Pacific, and his plane slowly descending, nose first, to the ocean floor behind him.

The eight passengers were eventually rescued by the Coast Guard, and Ferdinand is fortunately still around to tell the tale.

Here’s some footage he took of the crash:

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