Jackie Chan is Back in New Trailer for ‘The Foreigner’

Above: Jackie Chan is Ngoc Minh Quan

One of Hollywood’s best action stars is about to get his groove back. The brand new trailer for The Foreigner dropped online today and it promptly set social media on fire. It may only be a few minutes in length, but it was certainly enough time to get everyone excited for the return of its marquee star, none other than Jackie Chan.

The 63-year-old will play the lead character in the aforementioned flick, which focuses on a father seeking out to avenge his daughter’s untimely death. While it may sound a tad formulaic, The Foreigner makes up for its cliches by throwing in Pierce Brosnan into the mix as Liam Hennessy, a man at the centre of the conflict who appears to know a little more than he leads on. The plot is a cinematic adaptation based on Stephen Leather’s 1992 novel,  The Chinaman.

Despite the age of both stars, it appears as though Chan and Brosnan are ready to throw down some serious fisticuffs, and thankfully, the action won’t be hindered in the process. The upcoming revenge flick is being helmed by Martin Campbell, who was behind the lens for the Zorro reboot and two of the best James Bond adventures in Goldeneye and Casino Royale. With a resume highlighted by undeniable thrill rides, one can hope that The Foreigner lives up to everyone’s expectations.

You can expect the movie when it debuts on silver screens this October. In the meantime, you can check out the exciting new trailer below via YouTube. Along with The Foreigner, Jackie Chan will be busy this year. The action hero is in ten upcoming productions, and is also expected to reprise his iconic role as Lee in Rush Hour 4.

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