Jason Statham Fights a Giant Shark in New Trailer for ‘The Meg’

Above: Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) encounters the mythic megalodon

The prehistoric megalodon hasn’t lived in our waters for millions of years, and given that it was an absolute killing machine, it’s extinction is a very good thing for us humans.

The giant shark—which is estimated to have reached 59 feet in length—terrorized oceans across the globe and could chomp down on prey with a bite force of 24,390 to 40,960 pounds. I mean, we could keep painting the picture here but surely everyone gets the point: megalodons were actual living nightmares. It’s only fitting then, that a major motion picture studio is hoping to turn the ancient shark into a certified franchise behemoth.

This summer, Warner Bros. will look to burst out of the tank by launching The Meg onto silver screens everywhere. Based on the 1997 book of the same name, The Meg tells the story of a downed deep-sea vessel that becomes entangled with a massive megalodon that intends to make anything and anyone it encounters lunch.

Jason Statham, who plays a brave rescue diver, seeks out to save the stranded group and take down the sea beast before it threatens the entire ocean. Along with Statham, The Meg boasts stars like Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), Rainn Wilson (The Office), and Bingbing Li (Transformers: Age of Extinction).

You can check out the eerie trailer below via Comicbook.com and be sure to grab your tickets for The Meg which hits theatres on August 10.

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