‘Labyrinth’ is Getting a Sequel

Above: A sequel to the 80s classic is now in the works

Get ready to hop on board the nostalgia train, because yet another 80s cult flick is getting a well-deserved sequel. After years of rumours and alleged leaks, it’s finally been confirmed that a follow-up to Labyrinth is now in the works. After thirty years, the 1986 fantasy musical will live on thanks to acclaimed horror director Fede Alvarez.

The Uruguayan auteur is perhaps best known for helming one of last year’s most enthralling thrillers, Don’t Breathe. His aforementioned film is likely much darker than the upcoming Labyrinth adventure, but it makes sense for producers to snag a writer-director with such a handle of the macabre. Despite its whimsical charm, the 80s classic was dark and even unsettling, so you can count this pairing as a sensible fit.

For those completely unfamiliar with the original work, Labyrinth told the story of a young girl who ventures into a nightmarish world to rescue her baby brother. While it may sound scary, and it certainly is, the film left a mark on moviegoers through incredible puppetry and super catchy tunes. The project’s music was partially handled by its lead actor, the late David Bowie, who played the charismatic and twisted antagonist, Jareth the Goblin King.

Details on the forthcoming movie remain sparse, but we do know that whatever lands on our screens won’t be a reboot. Fans can also rest easy knowing that The Henson Company will once again be involved, with Lisa Henson producing the flick. We know it isn’t a whole lot to tide you over, but until everyone gets more concrete info regarding production dates, let’s just loose ourselves in the original soundtrack. Listen to it below and crank it all the way up!

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