Listen: ‘Futurama’ Returns in Podcast Form

Fans of the beloved animated series, Futurama are in for a very special treat. After a four-year hiatus, the classic television show is making a triumphant return thanks to comedian Chris Hardwick. Late last week, the multifaceted media baron and Nerdist founder launched a surprise Futurama radio play on his company’s titular podcast.

The special one-off production was released in two hour-long episodes, and reunites the cast and crew of the critically acclaimed science fiction comedy. Aptly titled, Radiorama, the new adventure is an audio journey that places Fry, Bender, and the gang on a mission to stop an evil faceless being (played by Hardwick) who is on a hellbent mission to force everyone to listen to hours of podcast content.

It’s an exciting new development for diehard fans of the Emmy Award-winning Matt Groening vehicle that ceased back in 2013. It’s also perfect timing, considering the fact that a brand new Futurama mobile game hit the online stores earlier this month. Naturally, Radiorama does it fair share to plug the aforementioned free-to-play app.

If all of this news has piqued your interest, and you want to relive the amazing Futurama universe, listen to the podcast episodes below via Nerdist. You can also download and listen to the show by finding Nerdist in your podcast app.

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