Michael Keaton Stars in New Trailer for McDonald’s Biopic ‘The Founder’

Above: 'The Founder' follows the rise of the global fast-food chain

It’s truly hard to escape a McDonald’s restaurant. In a few short decades, the chain has quickly transformed into a worldwide titan, with franchises popping up almost everywhere you look. While consumers flocked to every location, buying their fast and easy meals, there was a mastermind fuelling the company’s rapid ascension to corporate dominance.

It may be difficult to believe, but before Ray Kroc joined McDonald’s back in 1954, it was far from being an American institution. His is a story that’s completely impressive, displaying as much acumen as other American visionaries like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. These names are synonymous with success, with Kroc belonging in the same echelon, yet many today are still unaware of the Illinois native’s story.

Releasing this month is the McDonald’s biopic, The Founder. The movie is helmed by The Blind Side director, John Lee Hancock, and stars Golden Globe winner, Michael Keaton as the titular founder. Showcasing Kroc’s sheer tenacity, the film breaks down the McDonald’s story like never before. The Weinstein company has released a brand new trailer for the flick, which you can watch below. As for The Founder itself, you can catch it theatres later this month.

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