This Music Mashup Website is the Best Thing to Happen to the Internet

Above: Try your hand at mixing these 2000s classics

While producers like Girl Talk and Neil Cicierega have been whipping up amazing mashup songs for years now, the novelty and sheer brilliance of the genre still hasn’t lost any of its appeal. If you’re something like us, then you’ve at least felt the urge to make a remix or two at one point in your life. One thing we understand, however, is that delving into the world of production is a bit of a daunting task. So, before you go out and invest in tons of DJ equipment and music software, you may want to read this bit of news.

Dreams of being a party DJ can now be fulfilled by simply visiting TheMagiciPod. It’s a fresh new website that let’s you layer some of the previous decade’s most memorable hip-hop tracks, with some of the same era’s catchiest pop rock instrumentals. While the actual library of songs is fairly limited, the amount of joy gained from the collection is totally endless. Experimenting with your mixes doesn’t need to end on the web page either, as you can download your creation as well. The whole idea is completely inventive, and definitely one of our favourite things from the internet in a long while. Try it all out via the above link.

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