New Footlocker Ad Rights The Wrongs Of Recent Sports History

"It's your ear. I kept that in formaldehyde."

One time Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield got into a championship fight and Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear off.

Sometimes Dennis Rodman hangs out with Kim Jong Un, calling the North Korean dictator his “friend for life,” and Barack Obama an asshole.

Brett Favre, for a long time, couldn’t decide if he wanted to retire from the NFL, so kept having heartfelt retiring speeches, then coming back.

Footlocker, with their new viral sneaker ad, ties up all of these stories. When NBA player Kyrie Irving opens a new pair of shoes from Footlocker’s “Week of Greatness” sale he daydreams that all is right with the world. Then Tyson returns the ear to Evander— “I kept that in formaldehyde”— Rodman books a one-way to Korea, to stay, and Favre walks away from dessert.

Sportsfans, Mike Tyson is a crazy mother, but we like it, and both him and Footlocker are cashing in. Recently the former fighter’s been more twitter present, and has cameos in comedies like The Hangover. We should make him the king of Las Vegas.

And here’s the video of Tyson actually biting Holyfield’s ear.

And here’s a Mike Tyson interview compilation, where he really gets to know himself. Explicit content warning.

What’s with us?

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