October 2014 Primer: The Books, Movies, Music & Games Coming Your Way This Month

Above: The movies, music, books and games coming your way this October

Another month has come and gone with impressive quickness, meaning fall is in full swing and it’s time for another addition of The Primer.

Here’s our look ahead at what’s coming your way in October.

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Okay – so it technically came out on September 30, but because it wasn’t included in last month’s Primer, Dunham’s first book is a hybrid memoir/self-help offering that traces her journey togetting her own show on HBO (Girls) and the various lessons she’s learned along the way.

Gone Girl kicks off “The Oscar Period”

October is when the movies with serious Academy Award aspirations start hitting theatres and the festivities get underway with Gillian Flynn bringing her novel of the same name to the big screen. Directed by David Fincher and starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, the best-selling book appears like it translated well to film and kicks off a tremendous stretch for moviegoers this weekend.

The Puck Drops on the NHL Season

The chase for Lord Stanley’s mug starts again on October 8 with four games and a league full of teams believing that this is their year. Somewhere around December, at least a third of those teams will realize they were wrong, but still. New this year is the NHL’s departure from CBC and the inclusion of George Stromboulopoulos on the Saturday Sportsnet broadcasts.

Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Murray Battle at the Box Office

Stepping out of his Iron Man ensemble, RDJ is back in The Judge, a father-son tale where the legendary Robert Duvall plays his estranged old man. With those two heavy hitters and several other outstanding talents in supporting roles (Billy Bob Thornton, Vera Formiga) it should be aces. Also dropping the weekend of October 10th is Bill Murray’s latest St. Vincent, which seems destined to add further members to the Cult of Murray as everyone’s favourite irreverant funny man plays, well, an everyday irreverant schmo who takes the socially awkward kid next door under his wing.

Fury and Birdman continue killer run of movies

Get ready for a slew of Regular Dude Movie Reviews this month, as the third week of October brings the Brad Pitt, WWII tank ensemble Fury and one of the most buzzed about films of the festival season, Birdman, to movie houses everywhere. As good as the former will be, the latter looks like it could be something special and bring Michael Keaton (remember him?!) back to prominence the way Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta 20 years ago.

Sonic Highways

While the full album doesn’t drop until next month, the lead single from Foo Fighters’ latest album is set to be released this month, but that’s not what earns them a place on this list. That distinction belongs to the upcomg HBO documentary series of the same name directed by the band’s frontman and all-around music genius Dave Grohl. The eight-episode series begins October 17.

The Return of T. Swift

“Shake It Off” wormed its way into our brain near the end of the summer and now Taylor Swift’s latest album “1989” lands in stores. Listen, she may not be your cup of tea, but there are millions of people that love her brand of bubble gum pop and teenage heartbreak, so get used to hearing some of these songs in heavy rotation for the rest of 2014.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Who doesn’t like Amy Poehler? Seriously. She’s awesome. This month, the Parks and Rec star jumps into the self-help/memoir pool with her first book, Yes Please. Her BFF and partner-in-crime Tina Fey made a very successful foray into this area with Bossy Pants and we’re betting Poehler successfully follows suit.

NBA Video Game Bonanza

Whether you’re a 2K-fan or an EA Sports loyalist, you’re covered as the latest entries in both hardwood franchises drop this month. After being the benchmark for sports title for a long, long time, EA’s NBA Live has fallen behind their 2K competitors, but both titles should give allow you to live out your hoop dreams on your console of choice.

Speaking of Video Games…

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, the latest offering from World Wrestling Entertainment is primed to arrive in stores as well. WWE 2K15 offers all the same body-slamming action fans of the franchise have come to expect over the years, so whether you’re chanting “Let’s Go Cena!” or “Cena Sucks!” you can select the sports entertainment superstar of your liking and start working towards the world heavyweight title.

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