Oh, Hi Mark! ‘The Disaster Artist’ Tells the Story of the Worst Film Ever Made

Above: James Franco stars as infamous writer-director, Tommy Wiseau

In 2003, a little movie called The Room opened to a handful of theatres to little to no fanfare. The self-indulgent indie flick told the story of a complicated love triangle involving an offensively bland lead played by a total unknown, Tommy Wiseau.

Failing to garner any critical acclaim or financial success upon release, The Room slowly built a reputation around Hollywood as one of the worst films ever made. This honour eventually led to increased exposure and some brutally negative press coverage that catapulted the bizarre project to cult superstardom.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll be surprised to learn that theatres across North America frequently sell out screenings of the painfully awkward movie. The Room and its mastermind, Wiseau, have become bad movie icons and their cultural imprint has become almost undeniable.

One of the film’s unfortunate stars published his take on the phenomena and gave a detailed look into The Room‘s troubled production process and Tommy Wiseau’s misguided direction. Playfully titled, The Disaster Artist, the award-winning book had its rights sold to industry juggernauts, James Franco and Seth Rogen, who have now turned the unbelievable story into an exciting motion picture.

The film adaptation is scheduled to release later this December, and it’s already been getting rave reviews. The Disaster Artist had its initial premiere back in March during South by Southwest, where it landed a standing ovation and a wide distribution release with A24 and Warner Brothers Pictures. Now, after much anticipation, fans are getting their first look at the dramatized world of the worst movie ever made, and boy does is it fascinating.

You can watch the first clip from The Disaster Artist below, which stars James and Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and more. If you’re at all familiar with The Room itself, you’ll have a better appreciation of this infamous rooftop scene.

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