Seth Rogen And James Franco Parody Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’ Video

James Franco has his way with Seth Rogen in Kanye parody


Step 1. Celebrity makes something, i.e. Drunken speech or unintentionally hilarious video, and it goes viral on YouTube. Everyone talks about it.

Step 2. Someone else, friend or lesser celebrity, makes a parody of video, i.e. remix or shot for shot rehash. Everyone talks about it.

Step 3. Repeat.

So Seth Rogen and James Franco have this new video.

It’s a parody of Kanye West’s video for “Bound 2” ―which sounds Madlib inspired— off his new album Yeezus. It features some steamy, somewhat surreal green-screening with himself and wife Kim Kardashian. In the new video Franco = Kanye and Rogen ~ Kim as the two buddies recreate the video Toke. For. Toke.

Yah it’s funny.

Before the video starts an insert mentions the two frequent costars came up with the idea on the set of their new movie The Interview, so it may be a bit of a press-ploy. Bets are they counted on it going viral: they know the formula too.

And, if you need a reminder here’s the original video for Kanye’s “Bound 2:”


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