Snapchat is Collaborating with NBCUniversal to Launch Scripted Shows

The screen may be small, but the content will be mighty. That statement will hopefully ring true thanks to savvy executive teams at Snap and NBCUniversal. The two powerful media companies are planning to invest in and subsequently produce brand new scripted content for Snapchat mobile apps. According to multiple news outlets, the wheels are already in motion and indie darlings, Jay and Mark Duplass, are helming the exciting new project.

If you’re unfamiliar with those aforementioned names, the two filmmakers have been in the game for a number of years now and have found success through a devoted cult audience. The Duplass brothers are perhaps best known for creating and championing the “mumblecore” genre, which utilizes natural, improvised dialogue and low-budget effects. It’s a formula that has landed them numerous accolades for standout films like The Skeleton Twins, Safety Not Guaranteed, and The Puffy Chair. Jay and Mark’s role in Snap programming remains a little unclear, but we do know that whatever comes out of the collaboration will be formally under the Duplass production house, Donut.

The Duplass signing may be uncharted territory for Snap, but the tech giant has plenty of experience with NBCUniversal. The two parties have already established a working relationship through a number of initiatives, and this past summer, launched digital programming native to Snapchat audiences. Along with a special companion series for the NBC competition show, The Voice, Snap was also home to visual news features produced by their network partner.

Snap and NBCUniversal are putting many eggs into the scripted content basket, and this week announced the construction of a branded digital studio in Santa Monica, California. As Snapchat faces user losses to Instagram, will this latest play add an extra edge against the growing competition?

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