Stanfield’s + Comedy Exposed! Talent Competition Winner, Humantown, Eat Their Underwear

Above: Comedy foursome Humantown wins Stanfield + Comedy Exposed
Above: Comedy foursome Humantown wins Stanfield + Comedy Exposed

Stanfield’s makes underwear. The Comedy Network makes shows. Humantown makes glitched-out comedy segments, and apparently also dinner. They all got put together with Stanfield’s + Comedy Exposed! talent competition.

Stanfield’s, the underwear brand, got together with The Comedy Network and put out a call to all performers out there to make three minute videos and send them in for a chance to win $5,000 dollars and a Comedy Network pilot. The only catch is that you have to do whatever you do in your underwear.

Four very pale guys in whiter tights, calling themselves Humantown, got into the finals with a video of them cooking and eating dinner, which is also underwear. And they say Stanfield’s a lot. They beat out four other performers on the short-short list at a live finale at the Rivoli in Toronto last week.

You can check out their dinner video on the exposed site, where you can still rate it. I give it four kisses and three wet mouths.


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