Review: ClearBlade Putter

Above: The ClearBlade Putter (Photo: Mike Dojc)
Above: The ClearBlade Putter (Photo: Mike Dojc)

This hole-ward bound coaxing flatstick is the first blade entry in Innovations Golf’s Clearball series which enjoyed previous success with their mallet design.

The putting trifecta is aim, path, and speed control but you can’t get any of that right if your putter is misaligned. ClearBlade’s sole focus is proper alignment.

The USGA legal aiming aid embedded in rear of the putterface facilitates flat putts with your eye hovering on top of the ball where it is supposed to be while encouraging your body to take up the correct stance.  You get that much right and you have a modicum of green reading ability, your ball is already halfway in the hole.   Enhance your putting perspective by ensuring that the white guide line in the transparent aiming rectangle covers the red line on the bottom. 

In the hole

All putters purport to make the aiming experience a breeze but what makes ClearBlade novel is the confidence stoking visual confirmation it provides at a glance when you see the aiming lines match up. Put this putter in your bag for $199.

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