The Rejection Experiment: How Men And Women React To Getting Hit On By A Stranger

Above: Rejection Experiment video shows very different responses from guys VS girls

Youtube channel whatever, which describes itself as a channel for “pranks, social experiments, randomness, whatever” recently posted a video comparing the different ways men and women react to being hit on in public by a stranger of the opposite sex. The man and woman in the video doing the spontaneous flirting are both attractive, and polite when they stop someone on the street to ask for their number. But for some reason the three girls the guy hits on reject him immediately with responds ranging from “no” to “f*ck off”, while the men reject the girl with nothing but impeccable manners and respect.

The video seems to suggest that women are complete bitches who revel in rejecting men every chance they get. Men on the other hand, are appreciative and humble, and they’ll apologize profusely if they have to reject a girl. While that may be an accurate representation of some people, it definitely isn’t always the case.

For example, if you’ve ever online dated, you know there are hundreds of guys who have absolutely no chill when it comes to rejection. They get mad if a girl doesn’t respond, but they also get mad if she does respond to tell them she’s not interested. Women are used to dealing with men and their fragile egos, and sometimes the “right thing to do” isn’t exactly clear. Most women have gone out of their way at some point to be nice about rejecting someone, and it has backfired. So, they resort to just not dealing with it. They don’t owe some guy who comes up to them on the street an explanation, so they don’t bother making one up.

Men are used to being the ones who have to make a first move. So if an attractive girl comes up to them and shows interest, they might be caught off guard, and their first reaction is to be nice. The first guy actually seems pretty standoffish, if not completely flabbergasted that this girl would even speak to him in public at all. The video doesn’t show why any of the guys weren’t interested in the girl, but the point the creators of the video are clearly trying to make is that men are nice about it, and women are not.

A lot of women deal with unwanted attention, like cat calling, on a regular basis. They are used to guys coming on too strong online, and also in the real world, and they’ve learned the best strategy for getting rid of them is to either ignore, or tell them to “f*ck off” in no uncertain terms.  Women have learned to keep their defences up, and that sometimes comes across as bitchy, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Furthermore, online dating and apps like Tinder have made the possibility of receiving an unsolicited dick pic from a stranger a lot more likely than actually meeting a random nice guy off the street. There’s always some salacious ulterior movie to be suspicious of, and a lot of the time we’d much rather shut it down immediately than bother being nice about it.

Videos like this one are only validating the fear some guys have of asking a girl out. Rejection is always a possibility, and yeah, sometimes people aren’t nice about it. So what? This video obviously only shows a select few reactions, because they were trying to demonstrate a hypothesis they’d already established— women are bitches, which is why guys are afraid to ask them out. The video makes it seem like guys have it so rough when it comes to dating, because women won’t even give them the time of day. And for no reason at all!

But not everyone is going to respond the way the six people in that video did. Most women would politely decline, at least initially. The same goes for men— there’s no way every guy who’s ever been hit on by a stranger has politely declined like the three guys in the video. They are just as capable of being mean and dismissive, and it usually has a lot to do with how attractive they think they girl is.

Hitting on a stranger is like cold calling someone— there’s no guarantee they are going to be open to what you’re saying. If you’re lucky, they’ll say thanks but no thanks, but they might just hang up the phone when you’re mid-sentence. Does that mean you give up? No. It would be interesting to see how many girls actually gave that guy their number, because believe it or not, women actually like when a guy has the guts to talk to them in person. If more guys took a polite “no thanks” for an answer, then maybe less women would feel the need to be so rude about it.

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