The Rundown: Songs Of The Summer 2015

Every summer has a soundtrack.

A couple months back, we gave you a starter kit for an all-time classic summer mixtape, but now that August has kicked off, we’ve had enough time to assemble a compilation that encapsulates this summer. Here are our picks for the songs of summer 2015:

Back to Back (Drake)

Rest in Peace Meek Mill.

See You Again (Wiz Khafila ft. Charlie Puth)

If you’ve seen Furious 7, you know this song as the “Paul Walker Tribute” track and you probably get a little misty eyed whenever you hear it. Even if you haven’t seen the flick, the song is easy to get hooked on thanks to the smooth hook from Charlie Puth.

Cheerleader (OMI)

Here’s a tip for artists looking to score a hit: subtle horns. The trumpet in this track is what draws you in right out of the gate and then the mellow, soft vocals with piano backing make it one of those songs that you’re going to be singing all day once you hear it. Bonus shout out to the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team for their London Drugs sing-along to this song from during the Women’s World Cup as well.

Trap Queen (Fetty Wap)

Yes, it came out before the summer officially kicked off, but since Fetty Wap might be the Artist of the Summer overall, it only makes sense to have his breakout track on our Summer 2015 mixtape.

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Ms. Swift hasn’t let up after dominating 2014. “Blank Space” kicked off the year at the top of the charts, “Style” caught heavy airplay and now “Bad Blood” and its elaborate, cameo-rich video have been everywhere since it dropped.

Renegades (X Ambassadors)

Every year, there is a song that you hear somewhere other than the radio thatr catches your ear and becomes something you can’t stop humming, so then you go seek it out and discover that you really like the song. This is that song for this summer. Thanks Jeep!

I Don’t Like It (Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke and Verdine White)

I don’t like putting Flo Rida on a mixtape because I think he comes from the same lazy school of music as Pitbull, but all be damned if this song isn’t catchy as hell. Besides, I like this song because of the video Sean Hayes and his partner Scott Icenogle did that I saw first. Take that, Flo Rida & Friends!

Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

Catchy bubble gum pop is a staple of the summer and this is one of the catchiest bubble gum pop songs in recent memory. It’s impossible not to sing along with this song whenever it comes on.

Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd)

This is your official song of the summer. It’s The Weeknd channeling his inner (and outer and fiery) Michael Jackson. Why is it the song of the summer? Because 10 years from now, it’s still going to get people hype when it comes on at the club or the wedding you’re at or when you’re in the car. It’s that good.

No Sleep (Janet ft. J. Cole)

Every summer needs a smooth, sexy R&B track and if I’m picking one (and I am), I’m going with Ms. Jackson and Mr. Cole because Janet is a goddess and J. delivers.


The Rundown: Summer Soundtrack Starter Kit

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