There’s a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie in the Works

Who says Hollywood is running out of ideas? Sure, the theatres may be filled to the brim with movies about superheroes, Disney fairytales, and some Fast and the Furious sequel, but every now and then comes a truly unique and incredibly original idea that blows audiences away.

The folks at Fox Searchlight, who have consistently delivered blockbuster hits throughout the years, are hoping that they have a contender for the latter category. According to a new report out of Variety, the production house is going way off the board for their latest cinematic endeavour and are developing a movie about one of North America’s favourite snacks. That’s right, in a few years, we’ll be blessed with a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos story on the silver screen.

Although the project is currently in its early stages, we still happen to know a great deal about it given that it’s a true story. Aptly titled, Flamin’ Hot, the strange new biopic will follow the adventures of the snack’s inventor Richard Montanez. More specifically, the movie will explore how Montanez rose from company janitor all the way to PepsiCo executive, and of course, Cheetos mastermind.

As of now, Fox Searchlight and director DeVon Franklin are tied to the film. Script duties belong to Charlie St. Cloud scribe, Lewis Colick, with additional writing assistance from Montanez himself. No release date has been set for Flamin’ Hot, but expect it sometime in the near future. In the meantime, check out Montanez in an old interview with WKNO.

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