Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

Above: Tom Cruise in the 1986 classic, 'Top Gun'
Above: Tom Cruise in the 1986 classic, 'Top Gun'

Ageless wonder and Burj Khalifa climber, Tom Cruise, made a brief appearance on Sunrise Morning earlier today and casually set the world on fire with some major movie news. Cruise initially visited the Australian show to chat about next month’s hotly anticipated adventure, The Mummy, but things took a different direction when he dropped a massive bombshell.

According to Mr. Maverick himself, fans of the iconic 80s flick, Top Gun, will be blessed with a long awaited sequel very soon. When prodded by Sunrise Morning hosts, Tom confirmed the longstanding rumours and admitted that filming will commence sometime within the next year. Needless to say, news traveled quickly on the internet and Top Gun 2 promptly became a trending topic everywhere.

Of course the confirmation of the movie isn’t much to work with, but it’s still a pleasant surprise given that the future of the franchise has remained very much in question. Thankfully, nostalgia seems to be ripe for the picking lately, with star-studded reboots and 80s-inspired shows dominating every aspect of pop culture. With that in mind, it seems safe to assume that the world is ready for Top Gun 2

Today’s pseudo announcement is great news considering that media outlets have reported the movie dead on numerous occasions, this despite a Jerry Bruckheimer tweet in 2016. With Top Gun 2 finally shaping up for a release in the near future, we can only expect it to be a blockbuster spectacle. In the meantime, you can fuel your giddiness by watching the Morning Sunrise clip that started it all below.

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