Turns Out, You’ve Been Singing Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ Wrong

Above: Hanson would like you to know you’ve been singing “MMMBop” wrong this whole time
Turns Out, You've Been Singing Hanson's 'MMMBop' Wrong

To celebrate the 20th anniversary (yes, 20th!) of their uber catchy song, Vulture sat down with Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson to talk about its legacy. Two very important things came out of this interview. First, there was the reminder that the members of this ‘90s boy band are all full-grown, married men with many children. So we’re all officially old. And second, apparently every karaoke diehard has been singing “MMMbop” wrong this entire time.

When Vulture asked the guys if they’ve heard any good covers of their song, they said no because evidently, everybody performs it incorrectly.

“You know why? People can’t sing the chorus right,” Isaac said. “Most of the time they syncopate it wrong.”

It’s not that the brothers don’t want someone to cover their song; quite the opposite, actually. They are desperate for someone to do it right.

“Someone needs to either make it totally their own in a genuinely unique way, or it needs to be a band that has a sensibility for old R&B,” said Taylor. “Fitz and the Tantrums could maybe do it.”

Issac added: “If Bruno Mars were interested, he’d probably find a way to kill it.”

Bruno, it’s your move.

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