Watch Bill Nye Answer a Bunch of Twitter Questions

Above: TV's favourite scientist took to social media this week

Science Guy and 90s icon, Bill Nye, is about to embark on a comeback run later this month and we couldn’t be any happier. Once a staple of Saturday morning television, the now legendary personality is landing onto screens yet again in 2017. The 61-year-old educator will return on April 21 exclusively on Netflix with the premiere of Bill Nye Saves the World. The show will pull somewhat from his original PBS series, but also be augmented with new findings and outfitted for a more mature audience.

According to Netflix’s show description, it appears as though Saves the World will utilize a talk show format. “Special guests join Bill for a high-energy show about sex, global warming and other hot topics in science and tech. Special guests including Grammy nominee Steve Aoki and Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom help Bill test out his theories.” Having celebrity appearances sounds great, but of course we’d like to see as much of Bill as possible during this debut season. Thankfully, while we wait for the premiere date, Mr. Nye has been active on social media and on the press circuit.

Last week, Bill took to twitter to announce that Odd Future rapper, Tyler the Creator, will handle the new show’s theme song. Today, the Science Guy visited technology magazine Wired and answered a slew of questions submitted by fans on social media. You can check out the amazing video below via YouTube. Be sure to tune into the first season of Bill Nye Saves the World when it’s uploaded on Netflix later this week.

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