Watch an Extended Clip from ‘Alien: Covenant’

Above: Katherine Waterston plays Daniels in 'Alien Covenant'
Above: Katherine Waterston plays Daniels in 'Alien Covenant'

Last year, we placed Alien: Covenant on our list of must-see movies in 2017. At the time, not much was known of the sci-fi adventure, except that it would continue the legacy of Ridley Scott’s acclaimed adventure series. Covenant was billed as a direct sequel to 2012’s sleeper hit, Prometheus, but lips were tightly sealed as to how the surviving characters and potential plotlines would be incorporated into the new addition of the ongoing saga. Finally, at the end of December, we were treated to a terrifying trailer for the movie, and it appeared as though the summer blockbuster would reignite and heighten the horror aspects of its beloved predecessors.

Along with the initial trailer, it was also confirmed that Alien: Covenant would see the return of Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce, as well as a string of A-listers including, James Franco and Katherine Waterston. The new cast members add even more star power to an already stellar lineup, making Covenant poised for a big opening weekend later this year. Perhaps most exciting, however, is knowing that Covenant will be in the right hands – both being directed by franchise mastermind, Ridley Scott, and co-written by Logan and Blade Runner: 2049 scribe, Michael Green.

Our first glimpse of Covenant was a pretty standard, albeit short, teaser from 20th Century Fox. While it was painfully brief, it did raise our expectations of the film, and was incredibly reminiscent of the original theatrical release from 1979. Studio executives must sense our sheer excitement, because we’ve been blessed today by an extended prologue from the new movie. In the clip, we see that the crew of a spacecraft nears a system they believe to be entirely benevolent. Of course, we can only assume that they’re setting themselves up for a massive and sinister surprise.

You can watch the prologue in its entirety below, and prepare for Alien: Covenant when it hits theatres May 19.

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