Watch an Extended Clip from ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Above: Scarlett Johansson is Major in 'Ghost in the Shell'

Ghost in the Shell is just a week away from its global premiere and thanks to a couple of sneak peeks, we all have a better understanding of the action-packed sci-fi adventure. Our eyes have been focused on the title since it was rumoured way back in 2009 – when it was also tied to legendary producer and director, Steven Spielberg. Despite having been in limbo for quite some time, last year’s official teaser landed Ghost in the Shell onto our list of most anticipated flicks of 2017. After an era of uncertainty, fans of the beloved manga will finally see the story land on the big screen this month. Despite all of the lingering excitement, the film is still surrounded in some controversy. The predominant issue many have with the film is its whitewashed casting, which has been called out by critics both online and in the mainstream press. It was a regrettable misstep for those involved, yet it seems everyone has braced themselves for the film and cautiously await everything it promises to offer viewers.

For those completely unaware of Ghost in the Shell, it’s a futuristic tale that centres around a world which has achieved great advancements in science and technology. Scarlett Johansson has lead acting duties and will portray the main hero who embarks on a journey to stop cyber criminals and their corrupt conspirators. Producers have offered a brand new extended teaser for fans which comes in at a hefty five minutes in length. The clip introduces us to the cold and sterile world and ends with a climactic battle sequence. It’s an epic showcase of the film’s stunts and special effects, something that will no doubt be littered throughout the entire screening. You can catch Ghost in the Shell in theatres next weekend. In the meantime, check out the teaser below via YouTube.

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