Watch The First Trailer For The New Wolverine Movie ‘Logan’

Above: Hugh Jackman plays an older, less ferocious version of X-Men’s most notorious mutant in 'Logan'
Watch The First Trailer For The New Wolverine Movie 'Logan'

Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for the past 16 years and next year we’ll see his final performance as the beloved mutant superhero.

James Mangold’s highly anticipated Logan stars Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, and others, and appears to loosely follow the story of Old Man Logan, a 2008 series written by Civil War scribe Mark Millar. There, years have passed and Logan, now old and ailing man, is attempting to live a quiet life with his family. It isn’t long before his unique skills are called in for a job, forcing him to run into old friends and enemies.

The first trailer for Logan has finally arrived and you can watch it below:

Logan is set to hit theatres everywhere on March 3, 2017.

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