Watch This Preview Of ‘The Simpsons – Family Guy’ Crossover Episode

Above: The Griffins invade Springfield in the upcoming 'The Simpsons-Family Guy' crossover episode

Fox has released a five-minute preview of the eagerly awaited crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy. The complation clip debuted at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego on Sunday.

The hour-long special, airing on Sunday September 28th and fittingly titled “The Simpsons Guy,” has the Griffins accidentally ending up in Springfield, where Peter notices that “everyone around here looks like they have hepatitis.” Peter and Homer (unsurprisingly) bond over donuts and fight over beer while Stewie fawns over Bart’s antics.

Look out for a cameo from Bob of Bob’s Burgers, too.

You can watch five-minutes of The SimpsonsFamily Guy crossover episode below.

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