8 Chefs To Follow On Instagram

8 chefs to follow on Instagram
8 chefs to follow on Instagram

Get set to drool and be inspired by some of the world’s top chefs. From beautiful, delicious food to some glimpses into what makes them tick, these Instagram accounts will make you want to be a better cook (or at  least eat out at some of these chefs’ restaurants).


The chef of the Spotted Pig and The Breslin manages to make even meat hanging in a meat locker or the feathery head of a hen as it lies on a counter waiting to be prepared to be cooked look artful.


This exuberant chef’s enthusiasm comes through on his Instagram—spot him with his wife and many kids enjoying a rainy day, for example, or fist pumping in excitement over receiving a Fellowship from the Royal College of General Practitioners. And, of course, there are plenty of great foodporn pics, too.


Meat lovers will love the up close photos Jennings, the owner of Farmstead Inc., takes of a pile of perfectly pink pork and sausages lined on a tray.


You already love his restaurants and him on Top Chef. Now get a glimpse of not only some  beautifully plated food, but also his work behind the scenes or even fun snapshots  like the one of him cuddling a goat.


Didn’t get enough of Blais when he was on Top Chef? Get plenty of looks at his meticulously prepared dishes and a look at his lifestyle (from his running—he’s a marathoner—to a few photos of his kids).


There’s so much more to this New York chef than being the inventor of the cronut. And if you want to know how a chef eats, Ansel’s Instagram is heavily dominated by photos of dishes he’s eating.


Simple photos of brussel sprouts on a stem and truffles take on a whole new meaning when you know Chef Jean-Georges snapped the photo and your imagination runs wild with the delicious dishes he will prepare with them.


Chef and owner of  Red Rooster, Marcus SamuelssonInstagram mixes it up: there is some yummy dishes to be found, for sure, but also more personal photos such as the one of his birthday cake or of him pal-ing it up with Martha Stewart.

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