The Proper Way To Wear A Scarf

The proper way to wear a scarf

Scarves get a skewed reputation sometimes; often they can be confused as solely a woman’s accessory. On the contrary, scarves are one of the most classic, masculine details. Back in the early 1900s no man left the house without his three-piece suit, top hat and (of course) his scarf—those were the days (I think). Today, you can still pull off that traditional scarf look, but you’ll need to know the proper way to wear one. 

When looking for fashion inspiration, the American retailer, J.Crew, never fails to satiate. Particularly they’re useful when searching for wardrobe styling advice. Furthermore, with the help of J.Crew’s Fall 2013 menswear collection, a guide to scarf wear is illustrated.

Ways to wear a scarf: Tie The Knot

Tie The Knot

A cup of coco, a warm fire and this scarf style is all you require for the holiday season. No need to get all dressed up, just put on a lightweight sweater (nothing too heavy, you don’t want to start to sweat), denim jeans (light or dark) and a cozy, thick scarf. With this compilation, an effortless, high-fashion look will be offered.

Ways to wear a scarf: Liberty Loop

Liberty Loop

Believe in love, believe in liberty, believe in the loop. Whether you’re off to grab a quick bite or attending a meeting at the office, this scarf application works time and time again. Why? Thank the timeless, preppy affect it bestows. Coupling well with structured coats and a well-maintained quiff, this look was designed for the metropolitan man.

Ways to wear a scarf: Straight Lines

Straight Lines

“It’s cool; I’ll just throw it on” – said the man wearing this scarf style. The no-knot scarf look gives the impression of a complex man; a man who’s too busy to fuss with tying a scarf yet his appreciation of fashion won’t allow him to leave the house without one—see the complexity here? While his look would still appear polished with or without the straight-lined scarf, his active choice to wear one puts him in a special category.

Ways to wear a scarf: Newly Necked

Newly Necked

We’ve reached a place in time where some of the most elaborate garments are best complemented with the most relaxed ones. Moreover, the ascott-like behavior in this scarf application wears best with a button-up and jeans. It’s sleek, it’s easy, what else do you need to know?

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