A Perfect Negroni: The Martini Negroni Cocktail

In celebration of Negroni Week here’s an easy, no-fuss recipe…

As far as timeless cocktails go, the beauty and simplicity of a Negroni can’t be beat. The Italian cocktail is arguably more popular than it’s ever been with the perfect balance of bitter and sweetness to satisfy any cocktail craving.

The Negroni is universally loved for its simplicity, which has always been the key. (Just pour the ingredients over ice, and if the mood is right, garnish with orange peel.) As the story goes, the Negroni was first invented by the Italian nobleman Count Camillo Negroni. The Count was speaking with the barman of Florentine watering hole Cafe Casoni, when he asked him to strengthen his usual order, an Americano, by adding gin instead of soda. The resulting imbibement was a hit, and the rest is history.

In celebration of Negroni Week (which runs from September 13th – 19th) why not mix one up and raise a glass. If you’re already a regular Negroni sipper, we’re encouraging you to switch things up a little with this tasty cocktail recipe that was created by the Martini Master Blender and Master Herbalist. It’s an easy, no-fuss Negroni recipe that uses ingredients you can get from pretty much any local bottle shop. Plus, MARTINI Rosso Vermouth creates the tastiest Negronis because of its complex selection of Italian herbs, including sage, savory and dittany, and bitter-sweet exotic woods. The sweet vermouths intensely herbal character is what gives the drink a perfect balance.


1 OZ Orange Bitters
1 OZ MARTINI Rosso Vermouth
1 OZ Bombay Sapphire Gin
Orange Zest

Fill a tumbler with ice.
Build ingredients in the glass and stir gently to mix.
Garnish with orange zest.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy!

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