‘Binging with Babish’ Brings Iconic Dishes from Your Favourite Movies and Shows to Life

Above: Watch Andrew Rea bring your favourite fictional dishes to life

YouTube is populated with a plethora of weird, interesting, and hilarious videos. Logging onto your account can lead to hours of time-wasting, which is a beautiful phenomena known as “going down an internet wormhole”. Sure, this process can help educate the viewer on any number of topics, but sometimes it’s just a ton of mind-numbing entertainment. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, however, then comes something entirely unique and totally amazing. For example, let us introduce you to a great series called, Binging with Babish.

Binging with Babish is a YouTube gem that spends ample amounts of money and effort into creating iconic dishes from your favourite movies and television shows. Founded by Andrew Rea, the series singles out one famous meal per video, and gives audiences a step-by-step recipe for homestyle creation. These plates are usually inedible, so after a truthful rendition that honours its original inspiration, Rea gives us a more modern and appetizing take on the experiment. The series has been going on strong for quite some time now, and has profiled dishes like the “Moistmaker” from Friends, the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction, and even drinks like the Simpsons’ “Flaming Moe”.

There are currently 32 movie and television-inspired recipes for you to delve into. You can check out the playlist below, but don’t get lost in the internet wormhole. Happy cooking!

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