Food Trends For 2014

Food trends for 2014

Cake pops dominated 2011, food trucks could be found around every corner in 2012, and donuts made a comeback in 2013. What’s on the menu for 2014? 

The following food trends – including everything from appetizers, alcohol and desserts – are guaranteed to be popping up across Canada in the next few months. Look out for specialty stores and pop-ups and watch menus for these new additions.


Say goodbye to croissants and pretzel buns and embrace the newest carb crave: biscuits. The old fashioned biscuit is having a comeback as the bread of choice at many restaurants and specialty stores are starting to pop up across North America. New York’s Empire Biscuit is leading the crusade with a menu that includes biscuit sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and biscuits with custom butters, jams and spreads.

Gourmet Tacos

Gourmet burgers will be replaced by tacos this year as they become the next food item to get dressed up to the extreme. In Toronto, Playa Cabana offers guests tacos with ingredients like free-range chicken, Adobo-marinated pork, braised Chipotle chicken and slow braised Ontario lamb.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream is working its way into the adult vocabulary with a fresh take on this childhood treat. Specifically, expect to see ice cream sandwiches on many menus this year. In Vancouver, Brown Paper Packages offers handmade ice cream sandwiches catered to adults. Her Blueberry Billy features goat cheese and blueberry ice cream with an oatmeal and lemon cookie. 

Infused Ice Cubes

Restaurants are looking to add flavour to water and other drinks with the addition of infused ice cubes. This trend is already big in Chicago, where Estate Ultra Bar is leading the way with custom ice cubes that feature herbs and fruit.  

Tea Cocktails

Hot or cold, tea cocktails will be appearing on bar menus across the country in 2014. Big alcohol brands like Absolut are also getting in on this trend, with a wild tea vodka. In Toronto, Saviari Tea and Cocktail Bar offers its patrons a new way to enjoy fine tea, and will surely see new competition soon.

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