How To Impress A Woman In The Kitchen

How to impress a woman in the kitchen (Photo: Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)
How to impress a woman in the kitchen (Photo: Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)

Not exactly savvy behind the counter? No need to worry because there are some simple but effective ways to make a positive impression despite a lack of culinary skills. Why? Because women like a guy who’s not afraid to roll his sleeves up in the kitchen.

Learn one dish really well

You don’t need to rival Bobby Flay in the recipe repertoire department in order to impress a woman in the kitchen, but it is a good idea to learn one dish (or two if you’re feeling particularly inspired) really well. This will be the dish you pull out the first time you invite her over, or when you need to make her feel special after she’s had a rough week, or a great one. This is the dish you’ll be known for and the one she tells her friends about. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be easy to execute well and something you love to eat as well as prepare.

Keep gourmet basics on hand

The better your basics like olive oil and balsamic vinegar are, the better your meal will taste. Head to a gourmet foods store and gather a small arsenal of items that will make even the simplest meals taste better. Yes, you’ll be spending more than you might want to cough up for small bottles and jars, but the better an ingredient the less you need to use and she’ll be impressed with your gourmet tastes when she opens up your cupboards (which she inevitably will).

Add your own twist to prepared meals

There is no shame in bringing home prepared items like a rotisserie chicken, or even roasted potatoes or various grain or pasta salads. The trick is to make them your own. Add some freshly grilled steak or fish to that prepared quinoa salad, throw some farmer’s market cherry tomatoes and marinated artichokes on that store-bought pasta salad, slice up that rotisserie chicken and create an amazing sandwich with some tomatoes, sharp cheddar and creamy avocado. The point is to get creative with your purchases.

Do the dishes

Whether you’re at your house or hers, the number one way you can impress a woman in the kitchen is to do the dishes. She’ll be instantly impressed that you’ve taken the initiative to clean up, and if it’s your place, she’ll appreciate the cleanliness. Keeping your kitchen clean (no piles of dishes in the sink, please) is also important when it comes to keeping a woman happy.

Make her breakfast in bed

It’s simple, there’s minimal actual cooking involved and she will love you for it. Even if you bring her a tray of simple scrambled eggs on toast and a coffee or her favourite tea (add a flower to the tray for bonus points) she will be impressed with the effort. If you really want to impress, bring her a mimosa with her meal (serious extra points for freshly squeezed juice).

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