A Girls’ Guide To Men’s Grooming

A girls' guide to men's grooming (Photo: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock)

There is something very attractive about a guy who wants to take care of himself. Shaving, basic skincare, hair, teeth and nails are some finer details that make you stand out.

While navigating the men’s grooming aisle might be an unappealing way to spend the afternoon, here are some quick tips for a girls’ guide to men’s grooming!


Smooth and soft skin is sexy. Taking care of your face- using face wash and moisturizer is a great way to increase your odds at some skin on skin action. Good products to try include- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial, Lab Series Treat Pro-LS, Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20.


A step-up from general cleanliness, a small spritz of cologne can be a big turn-on. Fragrances are quite subjective, but there are some great every day scents worth trying out. Malin+Goetz Rum Tonic, Burberry Brit for Men or Joop, can help you make a statement when you enter and leave the room (in all the best ways).

Hair (everywhere):

We’re talking hair on your head, body, and below the belt. For your head- if you suffer from dandruff, use a tea tree oil shampoo such as Paul Mitchell and make sure to wash and condition at least every two days (for oily hair) and less frequently for those with dry scalps. Remember that you want to keep the hair on your head smelling fresh, not too full of product and soft to the touch.

Now for the hair on your body and below the belt. Nothing says manly like the hair on your chest, but hairy-ness is only hot to a certain degree. Remember, that even trees need a bit of trimming from time to time. But don’t worry, women don’t expect you to be swimmer smooth.

Oral Care:

Brush and floss regularly. Keep your mouth and teeth clean and fresh. At the risk of sounding like a Dentine commercial, minty breath does bring us closer together. Drink lots of water, carry mints and keep your breath fresh.


If you want any chance of skin on skin contact, just know that women want someone clean, smooth (to a certain degree) and smelling nice. Not too much to ask for, right?

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