Manly Drink Du Jour: Game-Winning Cocktails On Ice

Above L-R: Power Play Cocktails The Zamboni and The 'HAT-TRICK' Breakfast Cocktail

Regardless of whether your team made it to the NHL playoffs, you will still enjoy these stellar cocktails, created by the master mixologists at Bosk Bar in the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto. These goal-scoring creations, dubbed Power Play cocktails, tick all the boxes when it comes to perfect drinks – easy to make and oh-so easy to sip. And don’t worry, lads. They have a manly edge and there’s not a frilly umbrella to be seen among them.

The Zamboni

Utah-born Frank Zamboni invented the famous ice resurfacing in 1949. This cocktail pays homage to the mighty machine that has entertained fans in between periods for decade.

• 2 oz Southern Comfort
• 1 oz Bacardi rum
• 3 oz orange iuice
• 3 oz Sprite

Stir all the above ingredients in a tall highball glass filled with ice. Don’t wait until the break in between periods to enjoy. Sip now.

The ‘HAT-TRICK’ Breakfast Cocktail

Yes, this is the breakfast of champions after any big game. It has almost all the essential food groups, like bacon and olives. Give it a try for a winning morning.

• 1.5 oz gin, vodka or tequila (your choice!)
• Dash of Shangri-La Secret Hot Sauce (or whatever you have in the fridge)
• Dash of Worcestershire sauce
• Splash of Clamato juice

Pour all the ingredients above in a tall highball glass. Top off with 3 oz of your favourite lager beer, filled to the brim. Garnish with olives, cucumber slices, crispy strips of bacon, and a wedge of lemon.

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