Must-Have Ciders For Summer

Above: Ciders that are perfect for summer (Photo: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker)

As it gets warmer, grabbing a couple drinks on a patio somewhere is becoming more and more appealing. If you’re feeling like something sweeter than a beer, but don’t want to be the guy that orders a margarita, then a cider might be the perfect option. Light, fruity, but still has that distinct beer flavour you love, ciders have become a lot more popular in the last few years. And summer is the perfect time to try all the new flavours.


You can choose between the Somersby original, blackberry, or citrus, and it’s available at a lot of bars and restaurants. The blackberry is popular at the LCBO so stock up if it’s your cider of choice on a hot day.


The OG cider that was around before cider got so trendy, Strongbow has released a new Elderflower flavour to go along with their usual British Dry and Gold ciders.


Made with 17 varieties of apple, Magner’s Irish Cider is another great classic cider. Their pear flavour is sweeter, and harder to come by, but perfect for those hot days on the patio.


Fresh from the UK, Blackthorn is the country’s most popular cider. They use bittersweet apples to create the crisp, dry, decidedly traditional cider flavour. Try the new Blackthorn Black ’N Black for a blackcurrant and blackberry flavoured version.

William’s Sir Perry

This pear cider from the UK uses pure fermented pear juice to create the sweet and sour flavour. They also have a berry flavour for when you want something a little different from your typical cider.


Grower’s is a Canadian produced cider with a wide selection of flavours to choose from for people who prefer something a lot sweeter in their alcoholic beverages. Their options include straberry-rhubarb, peach, mango, and even an apple cinnamon version that you can drink warmed up in the winter.


Hailing from Georgian Bay, Thornbury cider is another all-Canadian option. It’s flavour is described as “a light, easy to drink, champagne style cider with just a very slight hint of apple.”

Alexander Keith’s Cider/Molson Canadian Cider

If you’re not looking to go too far out of your comfort zone, try one of the big beer company’s attempt at hopping on the cider bandwagon. Molson also has a Stonefruit version that’s only 5% if you want something really light.


Swedish pear ciders Rekorderlig Berry and Rekorderlig Elderflower are made from pure Swedish spring water and at 7% are perfect served over ice with a fresh berries.

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