St. Patrick’s Day 2021: How to Celebrate At Home This Year

This year there will be no St. Patrick’s Day parade; no gathering at your favourite local Irish pub on March 17th for a few pints of Guinness or green beer (if you were ever so inclined) with your pals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year (or St. Paddy’s Day as the Irish would say). I mean couldn’t we all use a little cheer (and luck of the Irish) at this time of year?

So put on some green clothes (or that Kiss Me I’m Irish tee you just had to buy, even though you are not) and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home with one of these creative ideas.

Host a virtual beer tasting with friends
One of the easiest ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year might be hosting a virtual Irish beer tasting with friends. Of course, as any Irishman would tell you, you really must start with Guinness. The brand’s classic draught is a tried and true classic Irish brew. It is rich and creamy. It is perfect balance sweet and bitter with some malted roast flavours. Even if you are not a Guinness fan, you really must try on for St. Patrick’s Day. But there is a lot more to Irish beer than Guinness, may we suggest including Kilkenny Irish Ale, Smithwick’s Ale, Harp Lager, O’Hara’s Irish Stout, Black Boar, Bru Rua, and Rustbucket in your beer tastings.

And if you want to make it really easy, you can all order up a Guinness St. Patrick’s Day Pack. The online exclusive includes two cans of Smithwick’s Ale, two cans of Hop House 13, a Kilkenny Cream Ale 4-pack, a Guinness Draught 4-pack and two Harp Lager cans. It even includes some beads, a pint hat and a Guinness chalice (fancy, huh?).

Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day: mix up a few Irish-inspired cocktails
You can’t go wrong with a few whiskey based cocktails this St. Paddy’s Day. You could try out your home bartending skills with a Gaelic Flip or a Frisky Whiskey. Or keep it simple with the classic Irish Coffee or with the old college classic, a Pickle Back. A pickle what? This is simply a shot of whiskey chased with a shot of ice cold pickle juice. Not sure which way you like your whiskey? Not to worry, you can’t go wrong with a Whiskey Sour. It is classic and easy to make. Here’s how:

50ml of Jameson Black Barrel
25ml of freshly-squeezed lemon juice
15ml of sugar syrup
15ml of egg white
3 dashs of sloe berry bitters
Cherry or lemon twist for garnish

Directions: Fill a shaker with ice. Then add in the Jameson Black Barrel, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, sugar or simple syrup, your egg whites and 3 dashes of sloe berry bitters. Shake really well; l you want the outside of the shaker to be covered in condensation. This means it’s nice and chilled. Next, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist. Sláinte! (cheers in Gaelic).

Book a (virtual) trip to Ireland
Why not travel to the St. Patricks’s Day celebrations in Ireland, virtually of course, this year? From the island of Ireland comes the best St Patrick’s Day virtual kitchen party you have been waiting for. So pour a pint of Guinness (or two) and sit back and enjoy the fun-filled 90-minute show that will be broadcast LIVE on March 17 (at 5:30pm ET) from three of Ireland’s best-loved pubs. The fine folks at Tourism Ireland promise an eve of music, Irish dancing, special guests and a few surprises right into your living room.

The world renown Celtic Drummers will kick off the entertainment with a pulse-pounding opening ceremony in Dublin, while folk superstars the Shamrock Tenors will join from Belfast to keep the party going. Add in some lively “show and tells” on everything from playing the spoons to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness from a can, and you’ve got a night to remember….One that will make you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland in 2022.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish meal
This year has been all about rediscovering the joys of cooking at home, so why not whip up a traditional Irish meal for the evening. Ireland is known for many traditional meals,  from Soda Bread to Colcannon and Champ or Barmbrack and Coddle. The Irish are known for easy to make comfort foods that will keep you warm and toasty (or that might be the whisky). We suggest skipping the corned beef this year and opt for Irish Soul Soup. It’s warm, hearty, and it even includes one of our favourite brews -Guinness. Check out the recipe here from one Irish chef Clodagh McKenna.

Support local: order in from your favourite local Irish pub
Normally on St. Patrick’s Day you would be supporting your local pub with a few rounds of pints and some classic pub fare Not to worry, you still can this year by ordering in from one of your locals. In Toronto, The Queen and Beaver Public House has classic Irish Cottage Pie and Soda Bread on the menu for take out. While Brazenhead has an array of Irish cocktail kits and Irish stew pies. In Montreal, hit up Burgundy Lion for some delicious Irish dinner take out and even a virtual whisky tasting. In Vancouver, may we suggest some take out from Donnellan’s Irish Pub or the Irish Heather. And we can’t forget about our east coast friends, in Halifax you can order in from the Celtic Corner for some traditional Irish fare.

St. Patrick’s Day film festival: create your own at home
This year has all been about upping our at home cinema experience. So why not throw your own Irish film festival at home. Now I am sure we can all name some classic Irish movies off the top of our heads; In the Name of the Father or Michael Collins easily come to mind. But there is a lot more to Irish cinema than these brooding dramas. So if you’re looking to tee up a marathon of the best Irish movies to watch on St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day), try some of these films from the Emerald Isle. For the comedy lovers, try Waking Ned Devine, Wild Mountain Thyme, or A Date for Mad Mary. Looking for a little historical drama, may we suggest Brooklyn, Hunger, Bloody Sunday or The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Irish date night? You can’t go wring with a little Colin Farrell in Intermission. Or check out your favourite streaming service as many have put together Irish movie collections for the occasion.

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