The Essentials: 9 Things You Need To Be A Barbecue Master

Above: 9 essentials you need to be a barbecue master

We’re in the middle of summer and if your family and friends still poke fun about your barbecue skills then they’re about to eat their words. Barbecuing is one of the most beloved summer past times, so to amp up your cooking skills and channel your inner Bobby Flay here are nine things you need to be a barbecue master.

1. Apron
If you want to look a barbecue master then you better dress the part. The apron is your uniform not to mention it’ll protect your clothes and skin from oil and food splashes.
Get it: Tera Gear BBQ Apron, $15.

2. Barbecue Mit
You have the apron and now you need the mit. This also protects your arms and hands when you’re reaching over the fire or serving up a hot plate of burgers and sausages.
Get it: Tera Gear Suede BBQ Mit, $12.

3. Barbecue Tools
Barbecuetools can be bought at any store; however, if you want to throw down some lean mean meats à la Bobby Flay then this set of four stainless steel grill tools from Williams-Sonoma will help you get the job done.
Get it: Monogrammed Williams-Sonoma BBQ Tools Set, $168.71.

4. Cookbook
There’s more to barbecuing and grilling than cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. Show off your Iron Chef skills with Steve Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible. Inside are more than 500 recipes that instruct how to make our own sauces, rubs, desserts and more.
Get it: The Barbecue! Bible 10th Anniversary Edition: Over 500 Recipes, $29.95.

5. Barbecue
If you don’t have this bad boy at your home then good luck barbecuing on a stovetop and kiss your cooking title goodbye.
Get it: Tera Gear 75K BTU Stainless Steel Split Lid Gas Grill, $599.

6. Condiment Container
Kitschy but useful this picnic table shaped condiment caddy will get the thumbs up from your friends, especially when they ask you to pass the mustard.
Get it: Tera Gear Condiment Caddy Table, $12.

7. Grill Rack
Relive your childhood days camping in the woods by serving up s’mores for dessert. Hmm… melted marshmallows!
Get it: PC S’mores Grill Rack, $10.

8. Hamburger Baskets
Because plates are for guys who like to wash dishes, we know these retro-looking hamburger baskets will do just fine in any outdoor setting.
Get it: Tera Gear Hamburger Baskets, $3.50.

9. Thermometer
Grilling a good steak, time takes experience and knowing when its reached the perfect temperature. Throw out your cheap thermometers and prepare yourself for the iDevice. This device alerts you when your food is perfectly cooked thanks to Bluetooth technology, which allows you to monitor your food on the fire for 150 feet away using the free smartphone app.
Get it: iDevice Kitchen Thermometer, $80.

*All Tera Gear and PC products listed are available at select Loblaw banner stores including Real Canadian Superstores,

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