10 Bikes Under $1000 For The Urban Commuter

Above (clockwise): Norco Indie 2, Opus Classico 1.0 , Linus Roadster Sport 3, Fuji Bikes Feather

A sure sign of spring in major urban centres across the globe is the increased visibility of bikes on the road. While Europe and Asia have embraced cycling as a great way to commute for decades, the trend is only now starting to take off in North America. We are finally ditching our cars for more environmentally transportation – it is good for the earth but it is also good for our physical health. Shared biking services have popped up in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, New York and Washington, DC. But if you are ready to take up commuter biking, it just might be time to buy (and not share) a bike. While the fixed gear bike has become the dominant player in the city bike game, you may also want to look for bikes with some gears if you live in a hilly area or plan on taking it country side. Here is our rundown of the best commuter bikes that are not only high performance but also stylish.

Opus Classico 1.0
The Opus Classico 1.0. name speaks for itself – this is a classic commuter style bike. But unlike a fixie it has multiple speeds, which some people find easier for urban commutes. The Classico is an easy-riding aluminum frame bike featuring 7-speeds and linear-pull brakes. The fenders, rack, chainguard, and kickstand come standard.. Canadian made.

Raleigh Rush Hour
Raleigh has been making mountain and road bikes for years, but now Raleigh has finally brought its heritage steel construction to a fixed gear bike. The Rush Hour features a Chromoly frame, clean lines, super strong wheels and some fancy Vittoria tires! It also has a flip-flop hub for those who want to save their knees.  And this fixie comes with brakes.

Fuji Bikes Feather
Inspired by the track but built for the city, the Feather has the classic look and feel of the road bikes from a Tour de France in the 1960s. It’s modelled after the machines of that bygone era – simple logo and a mint green paint job. It is retro cool but with an updated performance.

Cannondale Bad Boy 4
This bad boy doesn’t get its name just because of its street-fighter performance and all over matte black paint job; the bike is fast and handles extremely well. We also love the non-branding and all over black everything. Features a lightweight alloy frame and 30-speeds.

Linus Roadster Sport 3
This is the ultimate hipster’s ride. The bike features a Chromoly frame with classic steel fenders, Shimano 3-speeds, genuine leather grips and a retro bell. Available in black or olive.

Bianchi Pista
Bianchi is the classic road bike; the company has been making bikes since 1901. This the frame that launched a thousand fixies; there may be other models with more add-ons but the simplicity of this bike is what makes it perfect. Opt for it in a retro colour to up your cool factor. Accept no substitute, this is the classic.

Devinci Olso
The Davinci Olso is made to handle the abuse of a city and also be able to handle a 100km bike club ride. This bike is the perfect combination of a lightweight and agile road bike with the comfort and control of a mountain bike. Features an Aluminum frame, 27-speeds, and a shock absorbing carbon fork. Canadian Made.

Trek 1.2
You could call the Trek’s 1.2 Compact the baby brother (read, more affordable) of the Alpa 100 series. This bike benefits from the technology of the higher priced bike; it utilizes the same aluminum frame and carbon fork (a combination often reserved for more expensive bikes). Features 18-speeds, dual-pivot brakes and select Bontrager parts. This bike is great for commuter but shines on longer rides.

GT Bicycles Meatball
Sometimes urban bikes are more about the look than the quality, and while this bike has a certain cool factor unlike no other (in part due to the gold paint job), it also has great performance for its price point. How could you not pick a bike that is part of the ‘Baller’ collection? Features an aluminum frame and 2 speed auto shifting.

Norco Indie 2
Although Norco has built in brand on mountain bikes (and for good reason, their head office is in BC), the have recently entered the road bikes arena with their Indie series. What this means to you: a great durable bike that combines the technologies of mountain bikes adapted to the urban commute. This baby can handle those potholes like no other. Features a double – butted aluminum frame and 27 speeds.

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