5 Top Fitness Apps

5 top fitness apps

Whether you’re looking to start running or to practice yoga, well, there’s an app that’ll help you acheive your fitness goals. If you’ve got the discipline to stick to your workout regimen on your own, this means your smartphone turns into your personal trainer (without hefty fees!). Here are a few worth checking out.

Nike+ Running

If you’re not prepared to plunk down a chunk of cash for a GPS watch, the Nike+ Running app offers much of the basic stats you’re probably looking for, such as your distance and pace, and the ability to have a log of all your runs. You can also create challenges for yourself or with your friends on Nike+, and the latest version offers more social media integration (you can share photos and add nifty graphics such as the map of your run on your photo).

Daily Yoga (All-in-One)

Improve your mind-body connection by practicing yoga daily with this app. There are sessions of different durations for a variety of levels so you can be sure to find one that suits your schedule and experience. Watching videos will help you learn the proper postures and you can also connect with other practitioners through the app’s social community.

Workout Hero

Crossfit your favourite fitness activity? Then Workout Hero will be your go-to app. This app includes 700 workouts, and you can keep track of your workouts within the app. Want to brag a bit? Share your completed workouts to your Facebook or Twitter. Bonus: Discover paleo recipes in the app, too.


Make counting your calories simple and fun with this well-designed app. MyFitnessPal recognizes seemingly every type of food (such as a burger at your favourite fast food joint) and helps you track what you consume daily and calculates it in relation to your daily physical activity.

Interval Pro

If doing interval training is what gets you working up a sweat, you’ll wonder how you used to ever fuss with a stopwatch once you download Interval Pro. This app times your work and rest intervals, buzzing to alert you of your next interval.

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