5 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Her Pregnant

Learn how to boost your chances of getting her pregnant

You and your partner are trying to get pregnant. She’s started to take prenatal vitamins and is looking to get her BMI into the healthy range, but did you know there are also things you can do to help boost your fertility? These steps will help boost your chances of producing healthy sperm.

Eat a healthy, well balanced diet

Sorry, guys, you’re going to have to switch from your usual take-out lunch from your favourite fast-food joints. Enjoy it occasionally as a treat or if you’re in a bind because you don’t have time to make your lunch and it’s most convenient, but focus the majority of your meals around lean proteins and with a good helping of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Learn how to manage your stress

Discover what works for you when it comes to managing stress. There are some studies that find that stress can hinder the hormones that help produce sperm. So it might be yoga or meditation that helps you decompress, but for others it might be a game of racquetball or going for a hike that helps you de-stress.

Ramp up your level of physical activity

Maintaining a healthy weight is a key factor that boosts your fertility, so exercising regularly, if you’re not already doing this, needs to be part of your schedule. Being with a healthy BMI range is also important for your partner, too, when it comes to getting pregnant, so you might want to consider workouts and activities you can do together. Join a rock climbing gym or take those salsa lessons you’ve always talked about wanting to try.

Keep your cool down there

Sperm production is impeded by increased scrotal temperature. So avoid tight undies and shorts. Skip the saunas, hot tubs and hammams for now, and if you use a laptop, avoid working on it on your lap.

Avoid using certain lubricants

If you two usually use personal lubricants during sex, look into ones that do not interfere with sperm movement—many do, and even saliva and some skin lotions, too. In a study, researchers found that some brands affect sperm quality, too. One brand, Pre-Seed, has been shown to safer in terms of not damaging the sperm—and, of course, your doctor or fertility specialist can advise you on what lubricants you can use when trying to conceive.

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