5 Ways To Sleep Better

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When it comes to improving our health, many of us think of shedding some weight by eating a healthier diet or by ramping up our exercise regimen. But how about improving our sleep habits? Too many of us trudge through each day with too  little sleep. And when you’re deprived of sleep over the long term, it can lead to weight gain, being less alert, lacklustre skin, and more. For more quality zzz’s, try any or all of these tricks.

Stick to your bedtime

Haven’t had a strict bedtime since you were a little boy? Well, you might want to enforce one for yourself. When you can go to bed and rise at the same time on a regular basis, this helps your body maintain its biological clock and you’ll feel better rested. This does mean, though, no sleeping in on weekends. But don’t fret. After maintaining your regular sleep schedule for several weeks, you won’t even miss sleeping in.

Drink tart cherry juice

If the idea of drinking a glass of warm milk makes you ill, you’re in luck as there’s another beverage that can help you fall asleep: tart cherry juice. This fruit contains significant levels of melatonin, that’s the hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycles.

Make your bedroom a haven for sleeping

Other than having sex, you should make your bed a spot you associate with snoozing. That means, yes, you should move the giant flat-screen TV out of the bedroom. Having your tablet to surf the net before you turn off the light is a no-no, too. When you start using your bed as a spot to do anything other than sleep, you lose that association of being beneath the covers leading to a sweet night of slumber.

Limit your caffeine intake

You may have the urge to get a coffee mid-afternoon, but resist it! Caffeine will stay in your system and can lead to you having trouble falling asleep that night. And it’s not just coffee you have to watch out for. Colas and tea (all tea contains caffeine, unless you’re sipping an herbal tea, also known as a tisane).


Working up a sweat does help contribute to a better night’s sleep, so make sure fitness is an essential part of your life. But, if you can, you should avoid working out in the evenings. Why? When you work out, your body temperature rises and remains so for up to four hours. This higher body temp may interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

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