A Guide To CBD Oils: Find The Cannabis Oil That’s Right For Your Needs

With the uptick in cannabis and cannabis-related products on the market today, there are a lot of new Cannabinoid (CBD) oils out there. This easily available drug has been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory, reduce the severity of seizures associated with epilepsy, and help prevent cancer. And some oils can also get you high!

Here’s a list of a few different CBD oil options for you to find the product that best suits your needs.


Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Tincture
This oil is a mix of CBD and other essential oils. With almost no THC, it’s great if you want to try a low dose of CBD with absolutely no psychoactive effects.
More: www.sistersofcbd.com

4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture
This is another CBD and essential oil mix. Unlike Sisters of the Valley, 4 Corners is specially designed to temporarily reduce feelings of anxiety and depression while also aiding in sleep.
More: www.4cornerscannabis.com


Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil
Charlotte’s Web is a heavier hitter CBD oil with proven anti-inflammatory effects. Alongside alleviation of muscle and joint pain, it may also help to reduce mental stress and improve focus.
More: www.sistersofcbd.com

NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil
This is another CBD oil on the more powerful side. It boasts all of the common CBD benefits, including muscle-relief, anxiety reduction, sleep aid, and connections to cancer prevention when used as a supplement over time.
More: www.cbdchoice.com/product/nuleaf-naturals-full-spectrum-cbd-oil


Royal CBD Oil
This oil is sourced from high CBD strains of Colorado-grown organic hemp, an industry standard in the cannabis community. With higher concentrations of CBN (Cannabinol) than other brands, it’s a particularly good CBD if you’re looking for a sleep aid.
More: www.royalcbd.com


Honest Paws CBD Oil
Like us, dogs can suffer from anxiety, insomnia, cancer and epilepsy. That’s why many cannabis companies offer CBD strains specifically for canines. If you’re looking for a CBD for your dog, Honest Paws is an excellent, GMO-free choice that also comes in three strength levels based on canine weight.
More: www.honestpaws.com


Absolute Xtracts Cannabis Oil
If you’re into CBD oils there’s at least some chance you’re also generally into weed. This high THC oil is sourced from organically grown California cannabis. Mixed with food, it’s a great way to get all of CBD’s heath effects while also getting high.
More: www.massroots.com/concentrates/high-thc-cannabis-oil


Shred CBD
Among its other effects, CBD has been shown to  gradually help in weight loss by targeting the body’s fat stores for breakdown. This oil is specifically designed for bodybuilders on weight-cutting programs who are also looking for CBD’s excellent anti-inflammatory effects.
More: www.shredcbd.com


Ringo’s Gift
Most CBD oils have been shown to help control epilepsy symptoms. However, some patients are hesitant to use the products due to their psychoactive effects. This strain, bred from two CBD dominant cannabis strains, has a 24:1 CBD to THC content, meaning excellent CBD benefits with no psychoactivity. Charlotte’s Web is also listed as a good choice within the community.
More: www.stickybudandextractsonlineshop.com/product/ringos-gift-cannabis-oil


If you’re looking for a CBD product line specifically targeted to cancer prevention and treatment, cbdMD is an excellent choice based on their selection range, price points, and customer service. Spend some time talking to representatives of the company and look into exactly which oil may be best for you.
More: www.cbdmd.com

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