The Benefits Of Using A Sauna Or Steam Room

Sweat out all the toxins
The Benefits Of Using A Sauna Or Steam Room

We all know regular exercise and a balanced diet are key to a healthy lifestyle. But there’s a lot more to overall health than that. Taking time to relax and let your body—and mind—wind down is just as important to your well being. One great way to take a little decompressing time to yourself after a workout is to sit in a sauna or steam room for a few minutes. Your gym probably has one in the change room that is included in your membership dues, so why not put it to use? Here’s how taking a sauna break can make a big difference in how you feel.

Relieve symptoms of depression
Canada is known for its long, grey, bitterly cold winters. It’s totally normal for that to get to you after awhile and start to affect your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, can impact anyone and is brought on by seasonal changes. The lack of sunshine and sub-zero temperatures have a way of zapping your energy. Spending a little time in a toasty sauna will warm you up from the inside out and reduce symptoms of depression like lack of appetite, anxiety and aches and pains.

 Facilitate a speedier recovery
Hopping in the sauna for ten to fifteen minutes after leg day can actually help your muscles recover a lot faster than they would have otherwise. That means you won’t have to gingerly walk up the stairs at work or feel like an old man getting out of bed the next morning. The wet heat of a steam room can also be a big help when you’re feeling under the weather because it will help reduce congestion, open up airways, and lead to a better night’s sleep.

Minimize joint pain
Whether you have knee problems caused by an old injury or your joint pain is brought on by arthritis, the heat in a sauna can sooth your nerve endings and help relax your muscles. With less tension in your body, you’ll notice less pressure on your joints. It can also be a big help for people who suffer from chronic headaches or migraines.

Help you sleep better
Ever notice that when the temperature is a certain level of comfortably warm all you want to do is close your eyes and take a nap? Saunas have a calming effect since the heat causes the body to release endorphins, a chemical that reduces the affects of stress and helps you sleep better. In addition, when you leave a sauna and your body starts to cool down, it will release higher levels of melatonin which will lead to a more relaxed feeling and a deeper, more restful sleep.

Clear up your skin
Both a sauna and a steam room can do wonders for opening up your pores and increasing blood and lymphatic circulation giving your skin back that healthy glow you used to have. Not only can the heat make you look younger and feel rejuvenated, but it can also clear up impurities and help treat acne by flushing out blackhead- and breakout-causing dirt and oil.

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