How To Break Your Weekend Warrior Habit

Above: Learn how to break your 'weekend warrior' habit

Your week’s are so busy that you leave catching up on exercise over the weekend. While it’s great that you do make fitness a priority, by cramming all of your workouts during the weekend, you risk injuring yourself (which could put you in the position of not being able to work out at all!). By spreading out your exercise regimen over the week, you’ll likely see better results and improve your strength, endurance and flexibility over time. With time to rest and recover between workouts, you give your muscles a chance to recuperate, which is a key part of any fitness regimen.

But how to break out of the habit of fitting all your fitness into two days? These strategies will make you a regular rather than a weekend warrior.

Change how you think about workouts

If you only think being able to devote an hour or more to a workout is worth it (and you can’t easily do this during the week so you simply don’t work out), you need to change your thinking. With high-intensity interval training, you can get a workout done in 10 minutes. Download some fitness apps that have quick 15-minute so you don’t have an excuse for not exercising during the week.

Make your workouts a priority in your calendar

Don’t simply vaguely commit to hitting the gym during the week. Break out your calendar and look at where you can carve out time to attend Pilates or hit the gym and put it in your calendar and treat it as much of a commitment as though you had a doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t skip an appointment with them or you’ll have to pay a fee, right? Well, when you skip your workout, you’re paying for it when it comes to your health.

Find a workout buddy or two

It becomes much harder to skip a workout when you’ve got your friend expecting you there. So find people to work out with regularly: go to yoga with your girlfriend, run in the mornings with your neighbour, go golf with one of your colleagues.

Invest in a fitness tracker

There are loads of fitness trackers on the market and these can help motivate you to be more active on a daily basis, especially if you’re someone who’s motivated by numbers and has a competitive side. Game-changing tech accessories like the adidas miCoach make it rewarding to see the numbers of steps you’ve take, and on days where you’re falling short, that may be just the push you need to fit in a quick workout in the evening.

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