How To Feel Better When You Have A Cold

Above: Feeling under the weather? Here are a few tips to help you feel better

The common cold has a way of taking you by surprise; one second you feel a bit sniffly and before you know it, you’re all congested and sneezing up a storm. There’s no cure for the cold, but you can help yourself feel better as you recover from your cold. Oh, and although many jokes are made about the “man cold,” in 2013, a researcher at Durham University found that men have extra temperature receptors in the brain, and thus men experience worse symptoms. So how to feel like crappy when you’ve got a cold?

Drink lots of fluids

It’s important to stay well hydrated when you’ve got a cold (plus warm beverages may help soothe your sore throat). Avoid anything with caffeine or alcohol in it, as these drinks will only dehydrate you.


Don’t force yourself to go into the office if you’ve got a cold. You won’t be working at your best, plus you’ll spread your germs and there’s no need to take out your entire office with your cold. Getting plenty of rest will hopefully get your back on your feet faster.

Eat chicken soup

It’s not just a myth that chicken soup can help your cold. This comfort food can help act as an antiflammatory, plus it can help get the mucus congesting you move along a little faster, making you feel less congested sooner.

Use humidity to heal you

Turn on the humidifier at home. Winter air is dry, which can make the mucous membranes dry out; this translates into a stuffy nose and scratch throat. Taking a warm, steamy bath can help you feel a bit better, too.

Take OTC meds

Althought they won’t cure you of your cold, you will experience some temporary relief from your symptoms by taking over-the-counter medications for colds. Keep in mind, though, that if your cold is lasting a week or longer, you should go see your doctor to get checked out.

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