Latest Health Trend Comes to Canada: IV Treatments

Latest Health Trend Comes to Canada: IV Treatments

Celebrities have always been on the forefront of the latest medical and wellness trends. When your job is to always look good and feel good, you know all about the latest ways to improve your overall health and appearance and IV therapy is one of those treatments that have been going strong in Hollywood for years. Well, the popular Hollywood grooming trend has finally come north of the border and it’s available to almost all of us.

REVIV is an international company that recently set up shop in Canada with a spot in Toronto (future expansion includes Montreal and Vancouver). The company is unique compared to other IV drip companies in that they are a medical based organization. So, unlike naturopaths that can only offer vitamin infusions, they can offer medicinal active ingredients as well. These include painkillers, anti-nausea meds, antacids, and anti-inflammatories. Currently, REVIV offers five custom IV drips used to combat everything from dehydration and hangovers to restoring vitamin levels. Additionally, vitamin booster shots are available, including B12 shots and Glutathione shots. These shots are great for those seeking elevated energy and alertness. Moreover, some vitamin booster shots can combat anti-ageing  and improve the overall appearance of your hair, skin, and nails. You can look good and feel better.

“Vitamin-wellness infusions are great for getting all your vitamins and minerals. It’s fantastic for boosting your immune system, natural energy levels and anti-aging benefits,” says owner Christopher Chapheau.

On a first visit, you can expect to fill out a quick medical questionnaire and meet with a nurse. Key vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate are measured before any IVs are performed. Furthermore, this clinic goes one step further with a short Skype call with a medical doctor. Once a client has passed all the requirements and exams, a qualified nurse performs the IV drip. Yes, they use a needle to administer it. But don’t worry, it is quick and painless.

“The IV is instantaneous and goes directly to your vein with 100 percent absorption of all the active ingredients. Whatever your body doesn’t use, it just flushes it out,” Chapheau explains.

The most popular wellness infusion is the Megaboost, a mixture of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants. It helps with your energy levels, your immune system, regulating sleep and flushing your body of toxins. I tried this one out and I felt a huge difference almost immediately. I had more energy and felt less sluggish at the end of the day.

Moreover, they also offer a great cure for hangovers. “When clients come in from an evening of excessive socializing I always suggest they receive one of our two “recovery” infusions, Ultraviv or The Royal Flush. These include medicines (painkillers, anti-nausea meds, antacids, and anti-inflammatories ) with the added benefit of essential vitamins and minerals to re-balance your body. It makes Mondays feel more like Fridays,” explained Christopher.

So what does it cost? At REVIV, IV infusions can cost between $100 to $275 and IM shots start at $25. To find out more visit their website.

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