Mark MacIntyre Is Going Streaking! (For A Very Good Reason)

Above: Testicular cancer survivor Mark MacIntyre is streaking across Canada to raise awareness and funds

The latest social media awareness campaign is about to come streaking into your life and this time, you don’t have to dose yourself with freezing cold water to help the cause.

This summer, we saw the power of social media and activism as millions of people took part in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, raising money and awareness about the debilitating affliction more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

If you’re one of those people that were “so sick of seeing those stupid videos” everywhere, know this: since the viral campaign kicked off in late July, more than 3 million people have donated upwards of $100 million dollars to The ALS Association in the United States with another $12 million-plus being donated in this country.

Testicular cancer survivor Mark MacIntyre is teaming up with Stanfield’s for #StreakWeek, a seven-day stretch (Oct. 18-26) where MacIntyre will strip down to nothing but his Stanfields and sprint through various locations across Canada to help raise awareness for this important cause.

You can join the campaign by going to to start your own fundraising effort in support of this “below the waist” cancer awareness effort and see where MacIntyre will take his next nearly-naked run. Anyone that raises $50 or more will nab a free pair of limited edition #StreakWeek gitch from Stanfield’s to help keep their bits warm and secure as winter nears.

And if you’re feeling really brave and confident, find an appropriate public space, get down to your Stanfield’s and go for run.

Plus every time someone uses the hashtag #StreakWeek on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between October 18-25, Stanfield’s will donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“Stanfield’s has always been a great supporter of men – literally,” said Matthew Sepkowski, National Director of Marketing, Canadian Cancer Society. “We’re glad to work with them, as well as with Mark, to bring attention to this cause and encourage young men to know what’s normal for their bodies and talk with their doctor if they notice any changes.” 

“We’re encouraging everyone to go streaking in their Stanfield’s to support this worthwhile cause,” said Jon Stanfield, President of Stanfield’s North America. “Streak week is all about raising eyebrows in an effort to raise awareness for a very worthy cause.”

Testicular cancer is the number one form of cancer found in young men, affecting an estimated 1,000 Canadian males in 2014 alone.

A simple hashtag can help raise funds and awareness. Be sure to use #StreakWeek all next week to show your support for MacIntyre, Stanfield’s and testicular cancer awareness. 

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